Download PCMark (8 Basic Edition 2.7.613) – Free

PCMark It is the best tool for measure the overall performance from your computer. This is an application easy to use benchmark that allows selection of the best components for your computer. This software incorporates Pro Online ResultBrowser (ORB), which is a tool designed specifically to make comparisons between different systems.

Measures the performance of your PC.

Operation PCMark It's very easy and fast. Just run the application and in a few minutes you'll get all kinds of details about your computer and its components: processor, motherboard chipset, latency and response times of RAM, speed of hard disks, etc.

Key features of PCMark

  • measuring System Performance.
  • Detailed information computer components.
  • Comparison of scores obtained by your team and other users.

The best choice for users with specific needs when renewing their equipment is used PCMark.