Download Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria (1.3.1) iPhone – Free

Ubisoft offers us a horseback ride for which you will not need a tracksuit or ask Tactel borrowed in the lobby of any railway station. Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria leads you to a paradisiacal world of idyllic and spectacular scenery you'll think that you have brought in a Philippine ship.

Extensive world travels back of your steed

This game offers an adventure in which you gallop about these animals with the mission of help seniors find their Milenarios Horses. This is an adventure that offers a journey to a magical world that we can share online with hundreds of thousands of players from around the world (Android users also have the APK of the game).

Poppy, pretty little poppy!

key features

In this epic adventure Etria from your iPhone or iPad without camel you can perform actions such as:

  • Ride through a vast magical world freedom of movement gameplay sandbox.
  • Take care of your herd of horses.
  • Train animals developing personality.
  • Customize your character and the steed with hundreds of options and different objects.
  • Compete with friends in show jumping and racing.
  • Help each other taking care of your horses.
  • Gift and exchange objects.

You know, choose your avatar, personalize it and start playing ... Can you do without cheats, and other tricks?