Download Hitman: Blood Money for PC – Free

Hitman is a European video game series seam in which the protagonist is a sadistic murderer hired product of several experiments genetic.

The fourth title in the series is Hitman: Blood Money, where our agent must committing a series of murders among which they include assumptions about murderers President of the United States.

Maybe the game is that supports mode "full freedom" in which you can eliminate everyone without fear of being discovered. Also it includes a mode "infiltrate" where you should not draw attention and a hybrid of both.

As distinguishing factor over previous versions of Hitman, Now we can make money at the end of our missions, with which we can invest in weapons, to bribe witnesses of our "feats" or to create a new identity if ours is burned.

Highly addictive and spectacular graphics, Hitman: Blood Money It is available in both PC as the most popular game consoles.

In the demo we offer they can be appreciated all the ingredients that make this title a cocktail sadistically explosive Y funny.