Download Writefull (1.0) – Free

Looking up a word Doubt About to write a text while we can ruin our working rhythm. Writefull That is an application complements our usual writing tool will help us to That linguistic settle any doubt That May Arise.

Settle spelling and linguistic Doubts without losing your concentration.

You can search for words or fragments of text in Google Books on the web or combining resources Both. To do so You have to launch the application, That will run in the background, and you want to look Whenever something up, you just Have to select the text and press Ctrl + Space the key combination. Then the results will be Offered on STI interface, showing the matches With Different examples found on the Internet.


  • Look up spelling Doubts by searching on the web with Google and in Google Books.
  • shows Matching results.
  • Examples With the different use Given to each word.
  • Search for synonyms.
  • Compare the amount of results.

A richer experience writing

You can Enrich your writing Because thanks to this tool, as well as checking if a word or expression Certain Has Been spelled or used correctly, we can find examples of use Also or even synonyms. THEREFORE, download Writefull Both your writing and Improve and productivity.