Download Android Dumpster – Free

One difference between mobile operating systems and desktop is that the former do not have a recycle bin where to go for to recover accidentally deleted files. Dumpster It is the first Android recycle bin.

Dumpster, the freedom to make mistakes.

It works exactly like traditional paper. Delete files that will go into the trash, the contents of which can still be restored if you need it. To completely remove its contents will have to use the classic function to empty the recycle bin.

Features Dumpster

  • Restores all deleted files.
  • Access preview photos and videos before restoring.
  • Restricts access to the tool with a password.

You do not have to worry more accidental deletion of files or creating backups. Everything you do not want will go to Dumpster, and if given the case you need to recover it can do so easily.

Discharge Dumpster Recycle Bin free, the first bin for smartphones and tablets.