Download Volvo The Game (1.0) for PC – Free

volvo It is one of the brands most prestigious car in the world, but rarely can enjoy these exceptional vehicles in the world of video games. SimBin Studios hand Volvo has decided to develop Volvo The Game, a completely free title for PC, where we can enjoy only cars of this great company.

Since Concept Cars, to classic as Volvo 850 They may be driven by us in 4 different game modes: Quick race, competition, time trial and training. Each of the circuits in the game has its own peculiarities and we will study them thoroughly if we are to win any of the tests.

As for the technical side of the game, we can say that The graphics are correct, and that makes it an accessible title for slightly older computers.

Grab the steering wheel of your car Volvo The Game and do not let anyone on.