Off Windows 8 Keyboard

Off Windows 8 Keyboard

Did you know that you can turn off Windows by simply pressing a button on the keyboard? It's easy if you have a keyboard with programmable keys and here you can learn to do.

Several ways exist to shut down Windows 8: from the official button, using shortcuts on the Desktop with the computer off button ... but also from the keyboard as long as you have the required fit. That is, it offers the possibility of configure hotkeys.

Shut down Windows 8 from the keyboard goes through a programmable keyboard

Logitech, Microsoft Genius or the company itself have keyboard with programmable keys that have been designed specifically for Windows. To get the most out of this feature you must download the Center Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard which will allow you to set up this device for all kinds of tasks with keyboard shortcuts, such as shutdown.

So, once launched the Center Mouse and Keyboard application must go to My Favorites and set instruction to set shutdown. This is -s -f -t 00 Shutdown you have to enter the space key you want to assign this function. However you allocate more functions normally they relate to off as the reboot, the system suspend, hibernation or logoff:

  • Off: Shutdown -s -f -t 00
  • Reboot: Shutdown -r -f -t 00
  • Suspend: Rundll32.exe powrprof.dll, SetSuspendState Sleep
  • Hibernate: shutdown -h
  • Logoff: Shutdown -l
  • Block: Rundll32 User32.dll, LockWorkStation
  • Switch User: Tsdiscon.exe

Configuring function keys on a keyboard for Windows 8

With each command line set to the desired key you can run each share with a simple keystroke

Not exactly from the keyboard ...

And if you do not have a keyboard with programmable keys you can always turn to the blessed and classical Ctrl + Alt + Delete, that although Bill Gates disown it all seems to us very useful. So you know, pressing it you will access the lock options, change user and logoff, and the Task Manager, but also to the shutdown. Off button that appears at the bottom right and, yes, you have to click with the mouse to choose between shutting down or restarting.

Shutdown Windows 8 Alt + F4

The key combination Alt + F4 still works in Windows 8

You also have, of course, the combination Alt + F4 showing off the menu with the options Switch User, Log Off, Suspend Restart, of course, shut down, as it has been in previous versions of Windows.