Download Command and Conquer 3 (Tiberium Wars) for PC – Free

No fan of strategy games in real time can ignore the existence of the franchise Command and Conquer, as it is one of the most important in the military section is concerned, since not only has always surprised with improvements in gameplay and graphics, but has also managed to bring us squarely in a fictional war thanks to a great story.

Command and Conquer 3 takes us to the year 2047, when Kane, leader of the GDI (Which was supposed to be dead), he returns to face the NOD, entering a new species, aliens, staging and causing a three-way battle.

Through a series of cinematics we introduced in campaign mode before each mission, we will know how the war will develop, which will participate, as well as many units had already known in other editions of the game, many others debuting in Tiberium Wars.

For Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars The graphics have been completely improved, offering many details on units and scenarios, as well as an overall improvement in visual effects (explosions, gunfire, bombing ...).

Download and demo Command and Conquer 3 to enjoy the tutorial, three missions of the skirmish mode and two other campaign mode.