Download Rising Antivirus (2011 – Free

The amount of virus that today threaten the user of a computer, especially if you surf the Internet and download files often is really great. Because it is important to always good antivirus installed to detect any threat and is really simple to use, conditions Rising Antivirus meets smoothly.

Rising Antivirus is the proposal Rising Solutions, an eastern company Informatic security, to protect your PC. It included the careful interface that ensures that any inexperienced user to use, configure and manage the security of your computer without any hindrance.

As in any self-respecting antivirus, Rising Antivirus incorporates real-time protection, besides allowing scan any file, drive or complete system for viruses or threats. In addition, you can create scheduled scans and custom smoothly.

Definitely, Rising Antivirus It is a little known alternative but maybe it perfectly for ensure the security of our computer systems.