Download Physion (1.2.0) – Free

Physion is a software specifically created for perform physical simulations 2D, a perfect purpose for teachers who need to show through a complete virtual lab the basics of this science.

Physion It offers all the necessary tools to draw objects and structures, adjust their properties and give them life accordance with the principles of physical laws.

A virtual physics laboratory.


  • Use the tools available to create all kinds of shapes and joints: Circles, polygons, gears, springs, pulleys ...
  • Faithful recreation of behavior forms according to physical laws.
  • Created from simple structures to complex compositions.
  • Run your own scripts or programs in JavaScript.
  • Perfect to enter the world of programming thanks to the immediate visibility of commands executed.

In the wake of Einstein

To become familiar with the world of physics Physion it is perfect. With the You understand perfectly what the actual behavior of objects yourself creating all sorts of shapes and figures dependent physical laws: moves, twists, gravity ...

The interface is attractive and easy to understand, with many examples where you can see the software in action. You have multiple views available to work comfortably, as well as various Support videos and tutorials from the author's website to help you on your first steps with the software.

Discharge Physion free and you you'll also be one of the great minds related to the world of physics.

Learn how to use this virtual physics lab


Learn how to use this virtual physics lab