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Following the announcement of the next output Fallout 4 is the mobile game Fallout Shelter which is on everyone's lips. In little more than ten days he has reached the top of the list of downloads from the App Store.

In less than two weeks, Fallout Shelter has achieved something unthinkable, he has dethroned "King" Candy Crush Saga. In a statement, Bethesda has unveiled the impressive figures achieved by their game. It is the most downloaded game in 48 different countries and most downloaded application regardless of the category in 25 more than 70 million game sessions per day open. If you want to be part of these not inconsiderable statistics, follow these tips and tricks that will help you advance without losing the precious lives of your residents. And if you're using the Google operating system, patience, in a few months will also be available for Android Fallout Shelter.

Tips and tricks to play Fallout Shelter

Effectively defend refuge

In Fallout Shelter danger comes not only from radiation from outside. In the game you will have to deal with two great threats and the first comes from within: the mutarachas. To defend against mutarachas sure you have at least two residents armed by room. If they are unarmed, they take too long to step on bugs and You will cause the death of several of your residents.

Eliminate this threat quickly is very important because if it takes too long, mutarachas plague will spread in various facilities of the shelter and be lost.

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Looters are the second threat and coming from outside. The first line of defense is the gateway to the shelter. You can strengthen against the capsules and improve quickly to organize against attacks. Looters are not very smart and run to the first floor rooms to lower the elevator to the following.

Yes place them well armed inhabitants in the first rooms, including door, You can remove the quickly. In addition, if you have armed many residents in other halls, they will go straight to defend the shelter so do not waste time moving them into danger. Finally, if you produce enough medicine to cure your denizens in real time, you should have no trouble surviving.

Basic resources

In this game basic resources are electricity, food and purified water. To advance properly, start to build resource generators and places dwell on them so that the levels are always appropriate.

The balance is indispensable resourcesThe balance is indispensable resources

Will not work without electricity nothing and resources and food and water are vital for survival is manufactured, is no discovery. You'll need enough cafes and restaurants to cater to residents and purify all water to prevent infections and deaths can be avoided.

Each dweller to his post

Each dweller game has a different personality with different qualities (Charisma, Intelligence, Strength, Luck, etc ...). Gradually you do to the idea of ​​what quality is needed for each job at the shelter but you can also look out on the indicator tows play when the inhabitants of the installation. The higher the number, the better result in terms of production times.

The special abilities of the dwellersThe special abilities of the dwellers

Get free lunchboxes

In Fallout Shelter the only way to get free lunchboxes is to get missions. You can only access three missions at a time and although the first can move quickly, they will be more complicated over time. If you see that a mission brings a ridiculous number of sheets, you can cancel it for a new one, but only once a day. So, see also the missions regularly and uses the wildcard change every day.

Improve the rooms

The game Fallout Shelter gives you a limited time to build a community with a maximum number of 100 residents space. With this idea you should always think optimize the facilities to monetize the space they occupy and the people who work inside. That is to say, Always try your installations operate with the maximum number of people possible inside the identical fusing stays in threes by plates.

Each room has three improvements to achieve maximum profitability. Prefix it improved the rooms already built before creating a new one with an identical structure Level 1 because you will need a new dweller to be operational.

Structure Shelter Fallout ShelterStructure Shelter Fallout Shelter

Population increase

At the beginning of the game you will visit many new residents and simply drag them facilities to add to the population. But the number of residents is drastically reduced after a few hours of play. To continue progressing and growing there are two methods:

  • Procreate. The method is simple: meeting a man and a woman in the accommodation and see what happens. It's amazing the speed at which these people get link. Careful what procreas because children will not produce anything until they become adults but consume resources. Always keep a good balance between useful dwellers and children.
  • Build a radio studio. This method complements the first. From 20 people, you can build the shelter in a radio studio. this facility enhances the charisma of the characters and allows recruit a new candidate for regular community.

Ten many kidsTen many kids

Winning sheets every day

Like most of the Free-to-Play, in Fallout Shelter the player is encouraged to return every day. The regularity will be offset plates but consider a slight variation. Where most games are content to thank you play, this judge you through a daily report.

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Here, the daily reward is not the result of regularity but your talent as a supervisor. You'll get a note every 24 hours as the happiness of the inhabitants. The more you turn up the highest percentage will be the reward plates. For your inhabitants are happy, Keep resources above average, procreate and later, recreational building infrastructure as a playroom.

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