Download DiskAid (6.7.5) – Free

DiskAid is a software that will allow us use an iPhone, iPod or iPad as if it were a pendrive. One of the biggest criticisms that have always been Apple gadgets has been that despite including large storage capacity, has never been possible use as if they were pendrives USB. Thanks to DiskAid This is already possible.

The first file transfer software on iPhone via Wi-Fi and USB.

How does it work

Without requiring any modification, simply installing DiskAid free on our computer and connecting the iPod, iPhone or iPad, this will be recognized and we will show its content as well as the free space. In addition, DiskAid You can transfer your files via USB cable or Wi-Fi without cables.

Although it would be nice to be displayed DiskAid interface with Windows Explorer itself, its interface is not complicated. When we connect the gadget to your computer will detect all photos, videos, and other applications and order by categories or folders in which we can copy, delete or edit what we want. It also has a category or folder will allow us to do whatever we want with free space.

With DiskAid We can:

  • Copy the computer our contacts, messages, images, notes, etc.
  • Use our iPhone as a USB memory.
  • Pass the iPhone or iPod music to your computer.
  • ICloud access.

In short, if you want to take your iPod, iPhone or iPad to fill his memory as if it were a storage means plus, DiskAid It will be of great help.