Download GoldWave (5.67) – Free

only installing GoldWave you can start to realize how powerful it can be. This simple program is able to play a sound file in every way you can think, back, fast, slow... In addition, it is possible to take advantage recording any sound from different sources then remixing, ie, almost anything you can do with audio files can be done with this software.

Once installed GoldWave It allows edit songs, cut parts, remixing or include any of the 12 effects available to the program. In addition, being a software that can record from any source possible spend vinyl to digital format.

Of course, as in any similar software, display spectrum songs much of the role it takes in the interface, since this way is much easier to detect any problems, isolate a tone or see if an effect has caused the changes needed.

Among the formats supported GoldWave to edit or convert files, find AFC, AU, AIFF, MP3, VOC, WAV and SND, as well as ability to rip CD's.