Last moments of dozens of wrecked planes in an online archive

The fuselage of a plane crash

Unfortunately, every year jumps to the front page of the news some kind of plane crash, either as lesser magnitude occurred in Sevilla barely three weeks ago or incidents that make rivers of ink, as the event Germanwings plane in the Alps.

After these unfortunate accidents, and certification of the tragedy, always an imperative arises: retrieve the black boxes to clarify the causes of the accident. These boxes, which Black has recently recorded the activity of the flight instruments and conversations taking place in the cockpit between the pilots, therefore, the last minutes or seconds of recordings and recorded data, which are essential for understanding how the accident occurred.

The black boxes of the aircraft are not black, but orangeThe black boxes of the aircraft are not black, but orange / Lwp Kommunikáció edited CC 2.0 license

Well, a website called tailstrike, English name that receives the impact of the plane's tail against the track at the time of takeoff or landing, is responsible for collecting on a database transcripts from black boxes some of the largest air tragedies of the past 50 years.

Transcripts of 157 incidents occurring between 1962 and 2013

Before you set yourself to look, we can say that yet It does not include the transcribed texts of the most recent air accidents. Still we have to wait a few years to know exactly the contents of the black box Germanwings Flight 9525 between Barcelona and Dusseldorf, for example, despite a host of false rumors and leaks.

Cockpit recordings, containing highly sensitive information, follow a very strict regulations regarding disclosure times, and rarely made public until after a while more than reasonable, unlike other data. It is therefore no wonder not find transcripts of the most recent accidents.

The Airbus A320 fated Germanwings in March 2015The Airbus A320 fated Germanwings in March 2015 / Sebasiten Mortier edited CC 2.0 license

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Of course, every year the boys from tailstrike added to your database the transcripts of the claims that are made public. Thus, the web and incorporates 157 full transcripts of air accidents produced since 1962, with the 771 Alitalia incident linking Sydney to Rome until 2013.

In addition to the transcripts, available for online reading and download in PDF, perhaps the most morbid part of the web, tailstrike offers the curious full story of how occurred each of the accidents described, putting the reader in context to understand what happened.

Six examples of transcripts found in tailstrike

Among the 157 transcripts found on the web are members of some of the most notorious air accident in history.

Tenerife disaster (1977)

Pan Am plane was one of those involved in the disasterPan Am plane was one of those involved in the disaster / Eduard Marmet edited licensed CC 3.0

In March 1977 came the worst aviation accident in history to date. Two Boeing 747s collided on runway of Tenerife Los Rodeos airport, leaving a balance of 583 deaths, representing the highest figure so far. You can read the transcript of the black boxes here.

Japan Airlines 123 (1985)

Japan Airlines aircraft involved in the incidentJapan Airlines aircraft involved in the incident / Harmac60 edited licensed CC 3.0

The second most serious air disaster in history occurred in August 1985 on a domestic flight between the Japanese cities of Tokyo and Osaka. The cabin decompression suffered nothing more off and ended up crashing into the mountainous area with Takamangahara a total of 505 fatalities. The transcript here.

TWA 800 (1996)

TWA plane that ended siniestrándoseTWA plane that ended siniestrándose / Eduard edited Mamet licensed CC 3.0

As the number of victims, the TWA 800 flight between New York and Rome is not among the most important air tragedies, but it had great media coverage. In July 1996, the plane carrying 230 people He exploded over the Atlantic Ocean, the remains of it falling into the water. You can read the transcript here.

Air France Concorde (2000)

In July 2000 there was one of the most famous and surreal air crashes in history. An Air France Concorde had left Paris towards New York crashed into a hotel in a suburb of the French capital, dying all passengers and crew. You can find the transcript first and only air crash this plane model Supersonic here.

Air France 447 (2009)

The ill-fated Airbus 330 in 2009The ill-fated Airbus 330 in 2009 / Pawel Kierzkowski edited CC 3.0 license

Just Today marks 6 years of the plane crash of Air France 447. On June 1, 2009, an Airbus 330 operating between Rio de Janeiro and Paris carrying 216 passengers and 12 crew crashed into the Atlantic because of the freezing of one of the sensor systems of the ship. The conversation took place in the cockpit can be found here.

Polish Air Force (2010)

Tupolev wreckage of the Polish Air ForceTupolev wreckage of the Polish Air Force / Bartosz Staszewski edited CC 2.5 license

One of the most media plane crashes in recent times (of already recorded in the database tailstrike) is held in April 2010. The Tupolev Tu-154 Polish Air Force crashed in Russia due a very low visibility conditions, while carrying senior Polish political office, including the President of the nation, Lech Kaczynski, and his wife, among the 96 fatalities. The transcript of the black box here.

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