Download Enigma Virtual Box (7.20) – Free

Test new programs and access files that are unknown can be quite dangerous, but thanks to Enigma Virtual Box this is no longer so.

Your files into an executable

Thanks to Enigma Virtual Box it may be create an executable file that can virtualize both a program and a file, so you will not need to be physically on the hard disk, thus avoiding any threat to the integrity of the computer operating system.

Files that are introduced into the executable Enigma Virtual Box They do not spend any time on the hard disk, and they are only released by the application through the process memory when needed.

What type of files support?

virtual Box you can work with video files and audio, plus all kinds of text files, but also supports dynamic libraries (.dll) and ActiveX / COM objects so that any problem does not occur when you want to access a file.

Therefore, if you want try certain files on your computer without compromising its integrity, discharge Enigma Virtual Box.