Download Hitwe (4.0.2) Android – Free

And social dating with mobile is on the agenda. Applications like Tinder, Badoo, Grindr and other They serve to wet the churro, which it is what many come here even if you say they want to be your friend (the worst is that they pretend to believe it's true). Well, the thing is that it has joined another supply. Is about Hitwe and installing it on your Android you'll get to meet many singles.

Flirt with a smartphone: Ouch! If your grandfather could have ...

Yes, our grandparents hallucinate a little with these things. Anyway, this service provides a platform where contact boys and girls anywhere without subscriptions and free to use... but of course, get used to the idea that if you want to promote yourself better service within ligoteo have to drop some money (although you can also petarla without paying, huh?).

Already seen by condoms, with this app all you'll need.

key features

These are the main functions of the app to find your soulmate ... or all segments necessary, we will not be us who say how many or how much you have to say beautiful things:

  • freely explore the profiles of all users.
  • Access millions of single people.
  • Get free.
  • Chat with anyone you like.
  • Find who is interested / a in you.
  • Select the place you want to meet people.
  • Send stickers to express your feelings.
  • Sign up with your social networking profiles.

Tip: phrases should not say if you want to succeed in an app for flirting

This is service information. You know, free and for your sake. What If you want to succeed do not say things like No woman is ugly where mea !, Ie Xiqueta! Tot això és teu ?, Moreeeeena, do you want a bird without a job ... Seriously, this is very tatty and antediluvian: that even one app to link you do not have carte blanche to be a jerk.

On the other hand, because I get to give advice that anyone has asked me, misspellings... The p *** s misspellings! Whether you abbreviate writing and that of a mobile app, you do not write well. Well, one like the Cambodia! Write with spelling mistakes is not only not be sexy ... it's disgusting. So: strive a little and impress who you want to impress people with writing as the finished Elementary, please. And once learn the difference between See and Haber, who already have hairs ... are already older ones.