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At this point needs little introduction this social network, which together with Facebook has become one more way to communicate with both known and unknown. And all with a reduced number of characters: only 140 to express and share multimedia material of all kinds.

Far beyond a social network

With the client for Android devices you see for yourself the importance of this platform. Twitter it has become not only a place to have relationships in the network, but also in a source of information that lets us know what happens with immediacy and what is that what they are talking thousands of users simultaneously.

Discover how you talk, worries, what interests ... in short, find out what is trending.

By downloading the APK and install it on the smartphone you offer an habitual actions that can be performed with social network: tweeting, retweeting, see what is Trending Topic, group your messages with hashtags, and unfollows do Follows ... everything from a basic interface and a clear design so that our interaction with other users be a rich experience as possible.

key features

  • Publish your tweets.
  • Notices mentions, Follows, favorites, and retweets.
  • Find out what is Trending Topic in real time.
  • Follow other users.
  • Tweets that link to your photos, videos, GIF animations and websites.
  • And broadcast live streaming Periscope.

Everything that happens happens also on Twitter

The role of this network soon transcended alternative means of communication. Direct communication between users offering has been that it has been used in all kinds of events and happenings: Sports, entertainment, disasters, riots ... thanks to her we could know with immediacy from what you think Selena Gómez, One Direction or Piqué from your profile, what happened in the Arab Spring, in riots in Baltimore or Nepal earthquake.

Millions of people connect daily to learn and have fun.

Who looks at your profile? What about privacy?

Are we still wondering that? You know: you can not tell who looks at your profile ... and if you do not want me to have to look at private do. In turn you must know that unlike happens in Facebook, here your publications, should be public, if they are indexed by Google and Bing. That is, they appear in their search results.

It has become a social environment in anonymous and famous users, company profiles and others can express themselves and talk to each other directly, without intermediaries of any kind and largely due to the proliferation of smartphone it capitalizes much of the activity registers. All with their own language arrobas, padding, favs and company have made her one of the greatest phenomena of recent years.

What's new in the latest version

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Tweeting from your Android device


Tweeting from your Android device