Download Nimi Places – Free

Keep your Windows desktop properly organized helps us to be faster and productive in our work. This is the purpose of Nimi Places because it offers a simple and efficient way while ordering their contents.

Such a practical idea as a simple

Nimi Places abandons the idea of ​​static desktop. That is, if by the time you use your computer with different logical reason is that applications and documents that you recurras are different. That is why It allows you to configure the desktop so that it fits different situations of use as work and leisure, having into account factors such as time or location.

Nimi Places It is suitable to delimit the different uses given to a team.


  • Desktop Organization container grouping documents and applications.
  • Linking folders on your computer one or more containers.
  • Settings visibility of each container depending on schedules and physical location.
  • Create or edit content in folders attached to each container.
  • Display options.

You need only when you need it

Nimi Places divides the desktop containers that give access to different locations on your computer you have set. These They appear in the time zone indicated and allow actions to create or modify content in different formats and always attached to the container.

Discharge Nimi Places free and enjoy better organize your workspace and improve your productivity.