Applications for international calls free or nearly

Free Call abroad with mobile apps

For call abroad free or very cheap We can use different mobile applications. Most operators working in Spain, Movistar, Orange, Simyo, Yoigo or Vodafone Ono, have rates that are not assumable by ordinary mortals when it comes to calling outside our country, but there are alternatives. The high prices of international calls need not prevent us like us to contact our loved ones, away they are, because we can draw on mobile applications to call free or nearly free, even without internet or balance.

Free Call abroad with an app for mobile

If you have a stable internet connection (preferably wifi, not deplete our 3G data), we can call abroad for free and connect with anyone using our own application. Programs for Android, iPhone or Blackberry as Skype, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger with calls and / or video calls for free speech, we will facilitate maintain contact with those who are in a different country to ours, and also free. These and other similar applications are very useful when we have balance but internet ... but what if we have no connection? There is also solution.

Make cheap international calls without the Internet and balance

If you do not have balance or an internet connection at hand, it is important to know several applications and services that we provide free cellular calls to overseas countries such as France, Portugal, Mexico or Argentina, among many others, very cheap prices.

Rebtel uses local lines to call cheap

Rebtel app low cost callsRebtel app low cost calls

It is the case of the Rebtel service, the application offers international calls at low cost and great discounts for bonds thanks to using virtual local fixed (Part of the call is routed over the Internet). We just have to choose the country you want to call and give us the information rates virtually local, we will pay for the calls (in the form of bonds or small hourly payments for unlimited calls for one day). If you do not have internet or balance and do not want to pay extortionate prices for international calls, Rebtel consultation fees.

World Phone, rent local numbers and save on your calls

With World Phone application we can save a good pinch on international calls. It works as a hire a local line, so the prices are very competitive minutes. The application ensures savings of 70 to 80 percent compared to prices of local operators and roaming rates, and offers stable calls using local telephone line through the Be Local service.

Download World Phone free for iPhone

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HiTalk, buy cheap credits to call abroad

HiTalk: enter the phone number to use as IDHiTalk: enter the phone number to use as ID

HiTalk goes a step further than previous applications and includes, in addition to cheap credits to call abroad, other functions such as multimedia messages or walkie-talkie mode live. Of course, your main course are international calls at low cost but with high sound quality.