Synchronizes audio and image movies and videos

When watching a video or movie we downloaded from Internet run certain risks. If there is an annoying flaw in this kind of file is that, once downloaded, check that synchronization between image and sound is faulty.


For synchronization between audio and video is perfect need to start at the exact same time within the timeline. Any small change can ruin the correct view of the file and end up making us lose my temper, as few as annoying situations can occur when you play a file.

If you only from reproducing the file on your computer you have the option to synchronize both tracks from the same software with ease, something with VLC or MPlayer possible. But If you intend to burn a DVD or the like need to do prior form, for example with a program like VirtualDub, since not all external players have options to correct it.


First you must open the corresponding file from VirtualDub. press "File" and subsequently "Open Video File" in the tools menu and find your movie or video on your hard drive. The software may require you the installation of new codecs to work with the file.


Paragraphs access "Video" Y "Audio" in the toolbar and be sure that the option "Direct Stream Copy" It is selected in both.


after that select the option "Audio>interleaving" to see this new pop-up window. At the bottom you have the option "Delay audio track by". Write here the necessary milliseconds to synchronize audio with video. To delay the audio you must enter positive values, while if you need to bring forward the start of the audio you must enter negative values.


When you've managed to press "Okay" to close this window settings. go up "File>Save as Avi" To save your movie or video sync correction already done. Now, burn and enjoy your movies and videos.

Source: Ghacks