How to uninstall Avast SafeZone Browser

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Avast Antivirus is one of the solutions most commonly used for domestic security worldwide computers. The fact that it is free for life that only requires a record to run correctly and shields that has long been offering make it very attractive for the user. This program is also known for come bundled with additional components, usually the user does not want and is forced to uninstall or disable post during installation. This is what is known as crapware, although Avast is not suspected of installing malware of any kind in an operating system.

One of these components is Avast SafeZone Browser, a browser that is added by default to the Windows installation that can not be disabled before the end antivirus on your hard drive. It is selected by default and is impossible to change the installation. According to the developer, this browser comes with "features incorporated focused on privacy"Promising a better handling of it and more security while surfing.

Avast SafeZone BrowserAvast SafeZone Browser

A priori everything offered Avast Antivirus browser sounds great: ad blocking, blocking sites with bad reputation and advanced navigation modes "secure transactions". The downside comes when we discover that this fork of Chromium comes with a component built-in price comparison, adding the happy advertising component that nobody wants.

However, it is not why we recommend uninstalling. Google researcher Travis Ormandy revealed last February that Avast SafeZone Browser jeopardizes the user only be installed on the computer. A vulnerability allowed an attacker list and read files that the user is on your computer, and although it has corrected over time similar problems make it imperative to get rid of it.

Uninstall Avast SafeZone Browser from your PC

As we have said Avast SafeZone Browser is automatically installed on your operating system, willy-nilly. In order to eliminate it have to follow a series of steps, starting from open the Control Panel by clicking the right mouse button above the Start menu. Hence we must go to Programs > Uninstall a program.

Windows Control PanelWindows Control Panel

In the list you will find Avast Free Antivirus seek and we click the right mouse button over the name of the program. The options that appear select Change. In the window that opens we choose the Modify option. a list of installed components appears, locate and uncheck SafeZone Browser.

Modifying components Avast AntivirusModifying components Avast Antivirus

The following will click the Modify button and let the installation program do the rest. When finished we will show the following screen:

Reboot to complete the processReboot to complete the process

Restart the computer and that already we will have removed Avast SafeZone Browser successfully our computer.