Download RetroArch (1.6.7) Android – Free

Why have several emulators installed if with RetroArch the can have all in one? RetroArch is a multisystem emulator for Android, fast and light. Its modular design makes it easily expandable, so you can enjoy all your favorite consoles of yesteryear.

An emulator to rule them all.

What games work in RetroArch?

RetroArch Android so packed together everything you need to run these platforms:

  • PlayStation 1 through PCSX Rearmed.
  • Super Nintendo, using the emulator SNES9x Next.
  • Nintendo Entertainment System, with FCEUmm and Nestopia emulators.
  • GameBoy and GameBoy Color, thanks to Gambatte.
  • GameBoy Advance, Next through VBA.
  • Arcade by Final Burn Alpha.
  • Neo Geo Pocket Color with the emulator Mednafen NGP.
  • Virtual Boy, using Mednafen VB.
  • Sega Genesis and Mega Drive, thanks to Genesis Plus GX.
  • Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear Genesis Plus GX with.
  • Sega Mega CD and CD with the emulator Genesis Plus GX.
  • PC Engine and PC Engine CD, through Mednafen PCE Fast.
  • WonderSwan Color and Crystal with Mednafen Wonderswan emulator.

And video games:

  • Cave Story, the game engine using NX Engine.
  • Doom 1, Doom 2, Ultimate Doom and Final Doom by the game engine PrBoom.

Grab your favorite classic games and play them on your smartphone thanks to RetroArch Android.