YouTube watch free movies is possible: multiplex network

Celluloid tapes

YouTube is a whole world of possibilities. Comenzase history since a decade ago, the video portal has helped democratize the creation and dissemination of audiovisual content. Anyone with the simple camera of your mobile phone can record a video, upload it to the site and make it, in a matter of minutes, can be anywhere on the planet. The calls youtubers, for example, they have made creating a lucrative job content. Others, however, found him serving other uses beyond the simple sharing gameplays, vlogs or vacation videos.

We speak of users taking advantage of the large number of clips music available on YouTube began using it as a music system streaming, which it ended motivating the creation of YouTube Network, or those who made their particular multiplexes portal on the net. Because, as we say in the headline, watch movies free YouTube possible. More legally, less certain legal or taking advantage of gaps in claim rights, but it is possible if we want.

Free YouTube movies complete and Spanish: keys to enjoying and why

But how is all this possible? How to watch movies on YouTube free possible ?, you might be wondering. As we say, it has to do especially with legal rights or claims of gaps, and the inability to fight it on a large scale, as appropriate. Or because it is completely legal, naturally.

Put on preparing popcorn because you requirePut on preparing popcorn because you require

And although there are channels on YouTube creators and producers who made films available to the public free of charge, adjusted to the law, movies are uploaded without permission from their rightful owners without the platform to do anything for their withdrawal. Why? Because the rightful owners do not claim, because although claiming the platform is not able to detect different copies that are uploaded or because as soon as you erase one is back up another that, with modifications, is able to evade tracking Google.

Whatever the legal status of each of the films available, sometimes difficult to know by the user, we want to do an overview of the different channels, playlists, and specialized pages collecting the seventh art uploaded to YouTube. Use them at your own discretion and conscience, of course.

Direct simple search on YouTube

The first option we have when watching free movies on YouTube is sought in the service itself, like any other video. As simple as typing the desired title search drawer, wait the mandatory seconds while the web works and see what has been on the list of results once ready.

Search YouTube directly is the easiest

Do not expect to find the latest Star Wars, The Minions, Specter James Bond or The Martian. It is logical that if we premieres relatively recent films and also in our language or with subtitles, give the first with the first that we think will be complicated, but we can assure that all there. More than a finding that ye shall surprise you, sure, as we were surprised we found such Life of Brian rise in a channel since 2012. Ye can not believe you're right there waiting for you.

This also will be the easiest way to find the films in Spanish in Spain or Latin, Argentine, Mexican, Spanish and so on.

Pegleg, a search engine for languages ​​and more

But beyond search YouTube, there are specialized pages to index the different audiovisual pieces that can be found. Pegleg, for example, it is one. On this website a small number of films, just over 300 in total are collected, but they are added all sorts of information about your argument, cast, year of production, duration, gender, country of origin and, most interesting language.

The head of the web of PeglegThe head of the web of Pegleg

So that, you can search for movies in Spanish simply with only select this language in your browser. The films, in this case, can be played from the same web, since the videos are embedded, or we can go see them once found to YouTube, as we desire. Easy, easy.

Full Movies On YouTube, the sub for full-length movies Reddit

Reddit, the almighty American aggregator, has a sub very well structured where users order the movies that are full on YouTube. It called Full Movies On YouTube, It allows you to search movies by its title, the decade in which they occurred, the resolution you are and gender to which they belong.

In addition, taking advantage of their social functions, each of the films increases may comment, provide data, arguments tell if you will conveniently warning of spoilers and vote. Not bad, if one day we do not know what to see, drop recommend so more members of the community. Of course, virtually all films are in English only.

MovieFork, VHS classics have become digital

When YouTube watch free movies the Web MovieFork It is another wonderful option. It only links to full movies that have at least 8 years and, in most cases began to be distributed in VHS and never passed to digital formats are displayed.

Capture cover MovieForkCapture cover MovieFork

On this site can be searched by name tapes, the age rating, the decade that opened, gender and the score they give users Rotten Tomatoes, so finding a good movie is quite simple. Like Pegleg, MovieFork also includes films which are in principle available only in English.

The Paramount Vault, free movies by the same producer

few months ago that Paramount Pictures, one of the most important film producers of all time, He decided to take a completely free YouTube many of its titles, so that anyone who wished could legally enjoy them without having to complicate the existence looking bad copies.

The Paramount Vault, that's how it was called the canal, has a selection of over one hundred films will be expanded in the future. movies are not naturally not very recent, but classics that in most cases worth seeing. The downside is that it is available only for Americans and is in English, but nothing a VPN does not solve. ZenMate, which comes as a free extension for Chrome and Firefox, we can serve.

And for everything else: the movie listings in Castilian

As we have seen, especially in English, it is very easy to find film for everyone. But if we want Castilian title only are our best solution playlists different users remain on YouTube.

One of the existing playlists on YouTubeOne of the existing playlists on YouTube

For example, some of the most popular and well maintained are: Full Movies Spanish, Castilian Full Movies, 100 full-length movies in Spanish or Spanish complete in 2014 movies, we can find from the browser itself. In all of them we can find all kinds of movies, especially premieres of recent years, which although they are relatively frequently erased, as if nothing was reraised.

Download movies from YouTube

And now we know how to find all kinds of cinema in the Google Video service, quite a lot of ways, more than one may be wondering if it is possible to download these tapes to see them offline. The answer? Of course.

From PC, Mac or Linux

This could be the definitive way to download videos from YouTube from a computer, even if all goes well from smartphone: Yout. This is a website that was initially thought to lower the audio from video to MP3, handy for songs, but now also includes the ability to download videos in MP4 format itself.

And the truth is that it works really well and in a simple way. In the box we found when accessing the web paste the YouTube link (you can even search the video if you want) and simply pressed the Enter key. A window with the video, your data will appear, a selector which will choose between MP3 or MP4 and a button that puts Record. Click it and voila, our film will begin downloading.

Yout download screenYout download screen

You want more? For in the same line we have another webapp, ClipConverter and programs aTube Catcher Windows desktop, Get Tube for Mac or Linux PyTube.

Since Android phones or tablets

Although often pursued applications that allow downloading YouTube videos, for something that is owned in the app store can find recurrently a few that are changed, climbing and resubiéndose or Google Play, if not, we can always resort installing from APK. Those used most often Snaptube, Vidmate or EasyTube.

From iPhone or iPad

If you are a holder of an apple device, we feel say that little can do. The App Store is still more restrictive than Google Play with these applications and in iOS, there is no possibility to install APK from a file type, so you only see them is on-line. So move near a WiFi network you connect to not melt your data plan and enjoy with your phone or tablet Apple, though it may not be offline.