Censored Video games: some of the most notorious cases

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In the eyes of many people it takes years to video games having a form of digital entertainment aimed primarily at children. This until a few years ago was logical: who else would enjoy the adventures of a plumber dressed in red and blue hedgehog that ran the peeling? The kids, of course. In the minds of certain adults He did not fit the idea that other adults could have some fun with video games, and that these adults dabbling with video games could be even earlier than the time Mario and Sonic.

It is true that before Sega and Nintendo were other companies like Atari, and the early years of ancient dinosaurs game industry Martech or Dinamic Multimedia as were those who took a clean sweep the first affordable personal computers. The technical limitations of the early days were difficult to get more than just a game operating scheme on screen, perhaps it helped create a false image of childishness from the beginning.

That of "false" It is not wasted even at this early age, as we shall see later. Video games, however, not adopt a more adult look up several years later. The arrival of titles such as Wolfenstein 3D, where violence was a central-or Cobra Mission issue a kind of graphic / JRPG sexual-scenes adventure was what caused the guardians of moral integrity empezasen to worry for what they played their young boys.

The censors put up barriers to keep out harmful contentThe censors put up barriers to keep out harmful content

Censorship in the world of video games

Censorship in the world of video games It has always existed. Not only it limited to titles that we will discuss in this article, but there have been other cases that have gone unnoticed and have been limited to minor matters without prohibiting a particular game.

We can put several examples of this. The first one can be the Australian version of Saints Row IV, of a mission in which the protagonists took some alien drug that gave them superhuman powers it was removed.

Our second example is not so recent. In the days of the Super Nintendo, when it launched the American version of Final Fight the name of some end-level bosses changed, some enemies-namely two girls who were actually transexuales- and all references to alcohol disappeared was removed.

Including games come censored parts from long agoCensored including games come long ago / Matthew Paul Argall parts edited CC 2.0 license

The third and final example takes us to remote and distant times of the NES. If anyone remembers the boxing title Punch-Out !!, the name of a pugilist Drunkeski Vodka Soda Popeski changed.

Like we have already said, these modifications were lower, It never came to ban the full game. In the titles we will see below the sale and possession of even one of them was banned.

The list of titles with modified parts is much greater than that of titles censored, and more extensive than we imagine.

Games that were censored and the reason for it

The list of censored video games It is very extensive. In fact, it is so extensive that we would have to divide the article into several parts to speak of them all. At the moment what we can say is that censorship in some countries than in others: in Muslim countries prohibit everything that is considered extolling violence, sex or may be anti-Muslim.

In European countries, especially Germany, whose censorship and became famous for banning the sale of the first three albums death metal band Cannibal Corpse-, censored games with high violent content or with Nazi symbols. Violence in England have to add explicit sex, something that should not surprise anyone considering that his government has tried to ban its citizens from seeing pornography on the Internet. Speaking of England, its former colony Australia has a list of games censored so long that Wikipedia has had to make a specific item for her.

Australia is one of the countries most video games censorshipAustralia is one of the countries most video games censorship

In Southamerica, Brazil is the country that most video games censorship -for the same reasons that Europeans counterparts, while in Asia, China censoring anything that has a high violent content, blood, sexual themes, descriptions of organized crime or defame the Asian country.

Now that we have already put in history, we can talk about most notorious cases of censorship in video games.

Custer's Revenge, one of the first porn titles

One thing must be clear: since there are been trying computers porn compatible with them. Here is the explanation of why an Atari 2600 instilled a false sense of infantilism. Custer's Revenge saw daylight in the console in 1982 and was developed by a subsidiary of a producer of porn movies. The player embodied a General Custer's out that the peak of a table with an erection king size, that had to cross the stage dodging a volley of arrows to give all her love to a Native American tied to a post. As a love story at least is better than Twilight.

The fact is that when this title stepped markets It caused a huge moral panic. Some feminist activists came to ensure that Custer's Revenge had caused the rape of Native American women, although it never could be demonstrated. Many cities began to think prohibit the sale of the game, Oklahoma City being the only one who did.

Wolfenstein 3D, censored by the Nazi symbols

Wolfenstein 3D was banned in Germany by the Nazi symbols. Convert it to other humans in a bloody pulp by sewing the dead body should be secondary, apparently. In this title we embody an American prisoner imprisoned in Castle Wolfenstein, which should open the way to removing enemy soldiers based in the middle.

While the world marveled at the creation of the newborn ID Software in Germany put their hands to the head pure horror and dread. Apparently the violence was a central theme was the same, remember a regime that was responsible for genocide unprecedented in all human history was much more problematic for the German authorities.

Wolfenstein 3D was the first of a list of censured FPS that reaches today. Some games like Doom, Blood, Counter Strike or Call of Duty series have not escaped controversy.

Mortal Kombat, the fatalities were his undoing

The first Mortal Kombat was a revolution in fighting games. Not only because Midway utilizase real cinema specialists to recreate the characters in the game, but by the inclusion of very famous fatalities. These movements could be executed when one of the two contenders had won the fight, at which time the infamous flashing sign appeared FINISH HIM !!! If a certain sequence of buttons was pressed during the time it lasted, then it ended with the opponent brutally fun and creative ways.

I finished a wrestling match your opponent beheading or burning him alive ended curdle well with the authorities, apparently not. The first Mortal Kombat It was banned in many territories for retail recreativos- He was still being available in salons, while other countries took away every last trace. In Spain they cartridges console stores withdrew when it jumped the scandal, so if you had a copy of this title could consider yourself lucky.

But the game came "decaffeinated" consoles: blood vials cheerfully decorated scenarios in arcades They disappeared in versions of Mega Drive and Super Nintendo, Mega Drive although they could be activated by the call "trick gore mode" -A + B + A + C + A + B + B if I do not fault the memory.

Carmageddon a glorification of violence

Carmageddon went to racing games what the Mortal Kombat fighting. The "Grace" of this title it was that every race could run over innocent pedestrians who passed by, earning bonuses if you'd just with them creatively, if you wore a succession of pedestrians ahead or if you made one sandwich with your car and a wall with them as what goes in the middle.

The game caused a authentic stir worldwide, Brazil and the United Kingdom as the two main markets in which it was prohibited. For the second installment was removed human passersby and replaced them zombies. Carmageddon 2 still had its charm, but for those who played the original version was no longer the same.

The GTA saga, glorification of crime and violence

The Grand Theft Auto series leads being censured since its inception. Many countries saw an exaggerated glorification of crime, organized crime, drug trafficking and murder in every one of the games that make up the saga. In all Muslim countries he gained immediate excommunication, while in Thailand led an assault on the street inspired by the game.

Even so, and despite being excluded from certain markets, the saga GTA enjoys an enviable reputation between gamers worldwide, and it remains the principal responsible for Rockstar earn millions of dollars a year. In the same vein, the Saints Row series has also been under scrutiny by the censorship authorities.

Manhunt, extreme violence and gratuitous

I once read somewhere that Manhunt is like living your own snuff movie. After having played and replayed a few times I can say that they were absolutely right. This title is sick like few others, I dark as the mouth of a wolf and nasty at its best. the player will be required to do things you normally would not do very explicitly violent forms, and above this other boy Rockstar get something you already gave famously in GTA: will achieve you like.

Let's face it, Manhunt is deliciously violent. Any fan of movies slasher as I will love, but for those who care about the moral integrity of human beings is just too much. This title and its sequel were banned in Germany, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and the UK. Today remains one of the most controversial to date.

Saga Postal, welcome to hell on earth

The Postal saga is composed of two ultra-violent games that raised many blisters. The first was a shooter Third person took advantage of isometric perspective and which had to be loaded every living creature that appeared on screen with all kinds of weapons, necessary or not. The second was more or less the same premise, but with the addition of being an FPS, better graphics, more weapons still demented and "history" which serves as a thread but limited congruence.

In the game we Incarnated The Postal Dude a character without a story behind, only the player decides to put. Our protagonist will have to survive on dead a world that is increasingly closer to hell.

RapeLay, rape made video game

As much as I recognize that sometimes the censorship goes a little mother, I think in the case of RapeLay it is more than justified. The aim of the game is to rape a mother and her two daughters, one of which is clearly minor. Naturally, such dullness could only have been perpetrated in Japan. Immediately it won the antipathies of people important enough to be censured for this in Argentina, Greece and New Zealand.

Bully harmful to teens

After the excessive glorification of criminal life of Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt unvarnished brutality expect any censors they were a little more lenient with Bully. In the rest of the world was like that, but not in Brazil, where gambling was banned for being considered "harmful to teens" It is set in a boarding school. What was alleged to justify censorship was signs of violence and harassment in a school setting.

The sanction remains effective today, and It is fine to sell or possess a copy of this title. Also keep in mind that since it began to raise awareness to the issue of bullying A few years ago, there is a certain sensitivity on the subject. Rockstar understand that from what they wanted, as always, was to provoke.

And here our look at censures very high-profile in the world of video games. Do you think we have left some or we missing any? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments.

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