BlockWorld for PC Download – Free

Minecraft has Become real phenomenon, so it's not strange That new games try to follow ITS footsteps, as is the case of BlockWorld. In this game you'll explore an endless world full of villages and cities, as well as monumental constructions.

Great graphics and a wide range of possibilities.

The Truth Is That You can build whatever you want, making use of a large variety of resources and blocks That will let you use your imagination to the maximum extent.


  • An endless world of land and oceans, with different Fauna and Flora.
  • Three-dimensional high-resolution graphics.
  • Support for touch screens and gamepads.
  • Over 500 different blocks.
  • Moving water.
  • Possibility to take photos.
  • Weapons.
  • Huge explosions.

And some violence too ...

We Could not go without weapons, That include a rocket launcher to make the game more exciting. THEREFORE, we'll be free to open fire against almost anything and That enjoy beautiful explosions destroy everything.