Guide to watch online TV on Mac


Today there are hundreds of television around the world, with greater or lesser quality than the moment is not comparable to that of conventional television. But there will come a day when our Mac will have nothing to envy to the TV, and that day we will not know the television as we know it today.

Windows exiten for hundreds of applications that let you view online TV. Of course, most with a deplorable quality. Instead there are very few Mac applications, usually Windows version, which They are not bad.

TVU PlayerTVU Player

It is the choice more full and preferred for Chinese football through channels when the relay is paid in Spain, all completely legal as these channels broadcast over the Internet following the law. It allows you to search channels criteria as the predominant language or subject area. It also lets us make playlists. The picture quality is decent, especially in the few channels broadcasting through P2P technology, that sometimes are payment. A version of TVU Player for iPhone, something to keep in mind for those who want to watch TV online through the Apple phone.


This is the alternative modern Y stylized. Its operation is very basic and intuitive. When we light a window appears with a drop-down menu below in which a channel list appears. In the window carousel with miniature channels we are seeing in the center to a larger size appears, on black background. By using cursors can be changing from one channel to another, and clicking on some icons at the top we can replicate the bottom menu, expand to full screen or hide the carousel. The only problem we have is that forces us to open a user account. But it is free and it allows us to propose new channels, interact with other users and bring our list of favorites wherever you want. Livestation feeds streaming channels around the world and both have affiliated television stations that broadcast with P2P, most informative technology. Another interesting aspect is its ability to send alerts channels, either by himself or Growl.


The best option if you do not mind paying a little money to see Internet TV. It issued exclusively through P2P technology, which is evident in the quality of audio and video. Its program include almost all channels traditionally viewed through the TDT of a particular country. For example, in the case of Spain all state television, almost all regional, local and some international a few are.


My multimedia center Favourite. Recently she released a version for Windows, but the Mac takes time to develop. Boxee is not an online TV player itself, but in the same way that can be configured to adhere to a video channel, we can add a source of streaming TV to watch the channel you want.