Connect your iPad to TV

Setup screen iPad

If someone has managed to give a twist to the concept of market tablet certainly it has been Apple with iPads. They managed to develop a system even own unique application that makes something special of their machines. Meanwhile, in other ecosystems such as Android we have to settle applications for mobile phones that are resized to fit the screen of the tablet, but nothing more. Microsoft, meanwhile, has tried to create genuine substitutes for laptops especially with Surface-but for it had to change the philosophy of the device and make it work much more like a desktop computer.

Like almost everything Apple manufactures, construction materials and specifications that their machines have on paper are simply stunning. Among other details, the iPad have a screen that can not be described otherwise than sublime, although in many cases we apetecería to see what's on our iPad through a big screen.

If this is your case suffer no more: thanks to these tips that we will give you will connect the iPad to your TV without much trouble, so you can enjoy the content you want on the big screen.

iPad and MacBookiPad and MacBook

Options to see the iPad on TV

As in almost any case, there different ways of achieving the same goal. The issue of connecting an iPad to a TV does not escape this maxim. Next we will detail what ways are there to see the screen of your iPad on a TV.

Connect the iPad to the TV using AirPlay and Apple TV

As is the case with Google's Chromecast, the best way to connect the iPad to your TV is Apple TV. Through this device we can connect AirPlay for streaming from our iPad. With him we can see the contents of Netflix, watch YouTube videos and even play your music collection from iTunes. In this way we can send via WiFi audiovisual content to your television, wireless at all.

Another way to use Apple TV to connect our IPAD is by mirror mode screen or mirroring. In this way we can see the iPad screen on the TV.

Connect your iPad HDMI and enjoy high definition

We just saw two options that do not require cables. If you decide to connect the iPad via an HDMI cable You lose the freedom of movement that offer wireless connections, but in return receive sound and high-definition video on your TV. The only complaint one can put on this is that in this case the device connection is not wireless, but in return will receive the highest quality.

To use this method need the Apple Digital AV Adapter, we can find available with 30-pin connector and connector Lightning.

Do you have an old TV? Connect your iPad via composite video cables

Suppose you have a set of old TV is not compatible with HDMI. In this case the only remedy you have left if you want to integrate the image of your iPad with the big screen will connect via composite video.

Composite video cables and audioComposite video cables and audio

This type of connection It does not support mirror mode screen iPad, so it will only work with apps like Netflix and YouTube, which are supporting the video output. It offers high quality video with 720p, so you have as much quality as the Apple TV or HDMI.

It is worth noting that the composite video cables They are not available with Lightning connector, so we can only use this type of connection if you have an iPad with 30-pin connector or if we have a Lightning 30-pin adapter.

Your iPad on a computer monitor via VGA

If you want to see the screen of your iPad on a computer monitor or any other device with VGA video input, you can use the Apple VGA adapter to connect. This type of connection does support mirror mode screen, but only transmits video.

To listen to the sound of what we send to the external monitor use the iPad or other speakers connected to it.