Download Edmodo (6.5.4) Android – Free

Edmodo It is one of the educational platforms popular among students, parents and teachers who try to offer these three groups a place to connect and collaborate safely and free. And now we have the official implementation of this service that aims to unseat WhatsApp groups as a communication tool for educational purposes.

The social network of the world's largest school learning.

key features

By downloading the APK Edmodo your Android smartphone or tablet you will find the following features and functions:

  • Creating groups to continue learning process beyond the classroom.
  • A channel to connect students with teachers and discussions continue beyond the school day.
  • Access to duties, tasks, projects and surveys without having to resort to paper copies or books.
  • Possibility to continue the academic performance and grades of a student from the application.
  • Option of uploading files and videos from the mobile platform.

In short, it is an educational application that brings students and faculty and also helps parents become more involved in the education of their children.