Show video instead of a webcam

Show video instead of a webcam

Video2Webcam makes it possible to display video instead of a webcam. If you do not have a camera to chat with your friends, use this unique tool to show instead of your image any video file and tease.

Most instant messaging programs allow existing taking advantage of a webcam video calls. This way you can see your partner and talk directly with him without typing on the keyboard. However, and to date, if not impossible interact possessed an era.

Now, thanks to Video2Webcam, you can replace the webcam image that you do not have any video your private collection. This program It works with most IM clients and allows you to select what you want video that plays like your image every time you make a video call, something like a fake webcam.

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After installing the program establishes partnerships with customers you have installed on your system. Then use the interface options to import video files you want to use. You can do both from the top menu of tools like from the lower window icons on the left. You see, in the right window you have a single display to view content.

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Open your favorite application to chat and find someone who wants to start a video chat with you. When you accept your invitation press the "Play" in Video2Webcam to broadcast videos of the list as if they were your image.

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I guess that you come to mind thousands of possible uses ... What is clear is that with Video2Webcam is very easy to tease anyone through Messenger. What if you record a day in a tropical paradise and invite your boss to a conversation to see what you do all day? Perhaps a simulated murder before your girlfriend for the next Halloween? Video2Webcam download and will be spoiled ways to get the attention of your friends.