Bots for Clash of Clans: moves more easily in the game

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile games of the moment. Along with others like Game of War: Fire Age, your downloads remain in the top ranks of Google Play and the App Store. Its fans in the thousands, and how addictive it can become have become a success in the mobile gaming industry. However, there is something that all users Clash of Clans are made heavy: the incessant process of farmeo. For those who do not play this title or not familiar with this terminology, we can define the "farmeo" as the process of getting materials that can be used to construct buildings or units, or to buy raw materials.

There is a way to make this whole process less cumbersome, through the use of bots.

What is a bot Clash of Clans? What is it for?

In general terms, a bot of Clash of Clans is a kind of automatism. By making a comparison with the operating systems, it would be a kind of script that executes processes necessary so that all kernel routines can move on. The bots what we will put shortcuts to our intervention in the game, because, depending on which we are using, we can train troops, attack other people or construct buildings.

Through these bots we will be able accelerate our progress in the game, leaving the more cumbersome aspects of Clash of Clans in the hands of automatic and manual control using only in very specific cases.

The best bots for Clash of Clans: farmear is child

Internet is full of information about bots Clash of Clans. It is a very broad topic in different communities of players incessantly about, and there is no doubt that if something can facilitate your conquistador zeal it is worth a try.

Clashfarmer, put your village without paying full hard

Clashfarmer is something special because It requires us to use a PC and the emulator BlueStacks to run. In this way we can have the computer playing for us, getting materials and up the village while we do something else.

MyBot, maintained a good alternative community

MyBot also need the PC and the BlueStacks emulator to run. Is about very complete a bot, with many customizable options and fully maintained by the user community. It has a fairly extensive documentation and is recommended reading to configure it properly.

Brokenbot, the best assistant for your village

Brokenbot also needs the BlueStacks emulator to run. Is about other customizable bot maintained by the community, which has extensive configuration options that allow us to make the most of our village and its resources before launching to conquer other clans.

Clashbot makes you invincible for a reasonable price

We finish our look at the best bots Clash of Clans with Clashbot, a good solution to have the best village. BlueStacks and also requires a PC, but unlike the other entries on this short list It offers subscription fees to use it.

Now you have a few basic tools end the farmeo once and for all and, as we are, we are become invincible in the process.

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