Download Windows Vista SP1 (Service Pack 1) – Free

During the lifetime of a version of its operating system, Microsoft used to publish one or more DUP in which it fixes bugs, security vulnerabilities, stability problems and failures in performance.

It is what is called Service Pack (SP), an executable file that collects security updates made since the launch of the operating system or previous SP, adding improvements and sometimes new features that give a revamped operating system the air.

He Service Pack 1 from Windows Vista It is the first update package that was the successor to XP. It emerged in March 2008, just one year after launch. In addition to the traditional function of such packages, SP1 had to deal with the initial rejection of many users to Windows Vista.

In it are 550 patches and more than 20 security updates that make Windows Vista much more reliable and stable than the original version.

further Windows Vista SP1 It includes improvements DirectX that increase gaming performance. substantially copying system accelerates files and includes support for search tools other companies.

If you want a more secure and stable operating system, please download and run this package essential.