Download RocketDock (1.3.5) – Free

Mac OS X is one of the top rated level systems design and usability is not new, nor is it a novelty indicate that the dock system Apple has much of the blame. Its speed, functionality and design has greatly improved over time and now, with RocketDock we can have one just like our Windows.

Show top shortcuts and animations enjoyed by users of Mac OS X It will no longer be a problem thanks to RocketDock It has achieved an application equally usable and perfectly adapted to Windows.

It delving through the options configuration, it is possible change the design, modify the animations When you click on a shortcut, enable automatic hiding or moving it (default is opened on top). We can also choose the language and even if we want to stay in the background or always be on top of any application.

RocketDock It is one of those programs that are not essential but, yes They become highly recommended when one is accustomed to use. Check it out for yourself!