Download Microsoft OneNote (15.33) Mac – Free

Just in case, as Picasso said, inspiration does not take us working it is advisable to use applications such as microsoft OneNote. This is the scrapbook included in Office to keep our moments of lucidity.

Annotations you need on all your devices

With the release of microsoft OneNote for Mac we can recording all those notes, ideas or details pertaining to issues that we are not spending at that time. So photographs of receipts, ideas for work items to include in a shopping list or task reminders They will be properly organized and available for consultation from any other device and when we want Thanks to our user account.

A notebook that organizes and defines perfectly all its contents.


  • Tool for creating notes of all kinds.
  • Synchronization notepads from different computers and devices.
  • possibility of Formatting notes.
  • Search by Keyword content.
  • Content Organization to suit the user.

All entries made microsoft OneNote They will be perfectly organized thanks to its interface and easy identification system. Tabs, colors, and assign categories will help us maintain a perfect order to efficiently separate each of the fields to which they belong, so there will be no fear of mixing domestic issues with labor, for example.