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The new Windows 8 operating system designed by Microsoft has caused a stir among users thanks to innovations like the Metro interface, but users who do not want to use the new interface have encountered a small stick to when using conventional interface model, it does not include the Start menu, which can be arranged with Start8.

Start Menu for Windows 8

The basic premise of Start8 It is very clear, Add the Start menu as well known in earlier versions of Microsoft operating system. And when accessing the Start menu, users will find much easier to find and navigate between applications installed.

But besides this also adds a few Additional options that many users will appreciate. Additional features are added by Start8, the user will find:

  • Add option "Run" application context menu.
  • Add option "Close System" the context menu.
  • allows customize the icon used for the start button.

Thanks to these features, users who have not been found entirely comfortable with the new operating system Microsoft They will be able to enjoy its benefits without one of its biggest drawbacks power download Start8 free.