Download OsmAnd (1.7.5) Android – Free

If you thought that to have a good GPS browser on Android you had to buy an expensive app you're wrong. OsmAnd is a mapping and navigation app open source and totally free which it is presented as a great alternative to TomTom and Sygic.

OsmAnd is OpenStreetMap for Android.

OsmAnd uses data OpenStreetMap to generate the maps you can view offline once downloaded to your card. But not only maps, with OsmAnd You can also enjoy a complete navigation system.

Key features of OsmAnd

  • including global maps of OpenStreetMap.
  • Indication of the position and orientation on the map.
  • Voice navigation step.
  • Automatic reroute to deviate from the itinerary.
  • Periodic update maps.
  • Different viewing options.

These are some of the options you'll find in the application. To discover the rest download OsmAnd Android for free.