Download HJSplit (3.0) – Free

Large files can become a nuisance, especially when sharing over the Internet. Here is the raison d'etre of HJSplit, a tool to cut and join large files.

Freeware file splitter platform.

Whether you want a file sharing these features as if you need to unite the different parts, HJSplit it is perfect. And it will always be more comfortable and above all, faster, share 5 parts of a file of 50 MB (10 MB each) to share the full unsplit file.


  • Divide large files or links the parts already cut files.
  • determines the size manually.
  • Perfect for share files over the Internet or for backup.
  • supports files up to 100 MB total size.
  • Compatible with MD5 checksum.
  • Performs file comparisons.
  • Use the application as if portable: always take it with you on a USB or run it from a CD or DVD.

Cut and paste, children work

You need send the file to a friend, you want to create a backup or upload it to a service pretend direct download (Which usually limit the size of files you can upload) HJSplit It is a perfect solution.

The program interface is quite simple and allows you to operate comfortably. It is a marvel of design, but serves its purpose perfectly. And you try to cut or join, you can do in a few seconds.

Videos, songs, games, pictures ... Everything can be divided or united with HJSplit. Discharge HJSplit Free for Windows!