Download Connecta 2000 (7.50.3) – Free

Every day improves Internet means we have to communicate. Connecta 2000 It is proof of that. This software is based on direct connections between users, without the need for a central server via a P2P network.

With Connecta 2000 you can make multiconferences with up to 100 users, transfer files directly from any size, send and receive e-mails without having an account, create user communities or include offers and demands on your bulletin board. It also includes a streaming player that lets you listen to music or watch TV for the Web.

The application is free, but to create your profile need to sign up for payment, allowing you to enjoy all the features of the application. For its more than full range of possibilities it is an expense worth making. With Connecta 2000 You have a lot of options to communicate, meet people, or share information or files. Ideal for communication through the network platform.