Download Windows XP Screensaver – Free

The operating system Windows XP includes a selection of default screensaver which protect the monitor while it is not being used, but if you do not like any of them, you always have the possibility to download Windows XP Screensaver free.

The logo on your screen

Windows XP Screensaver, also know as Windows XP 3D, It shows the logo of this version of the operating system Microsoft moving across the screen in 3D while switching between the four colors that form.

The movements are very fluid, so they will achieve relax the user if front of the computer when it is activated Windows XP screensaver.

easy installation

Installation and Configuration Windows XP 3D Screensaver It could not be simpler, because it simply launch the executable will require the operating system to open the window settings associated with all system screensaver.

Discharge Windows XP Screensaver to protect the screen of your computer in the dead moments where you're not working, it's free.