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One of the most striking innovations of Windows 8 is that there is no Start menu. Many users complain precisely that, accustomed to using this menu in earlier versions of the operating system. pokki is an application that retrieves the Start menu for Windows 8 users.

One-click access to all your applications, notifications and more.

when you install pokki in Windows 8 you can use a Start menu adapted to the new OS of Microsoft. Not only have access to installed programs, also notifications, bookmarks, search or "missing" button to turn off the PC. Further, pokki allows anchoring applications of all kinds in the taskbar, also cloud applications, and Store offers apps.


  • Retrieves the Start menu in Windows 8.
  • Easily access your installed programs.
  • Performs all kinds of instant searches in the OS: applications and programs, files, control panels, etc.
  • Receives real-time notifications.
  • Create Your Own section favorites.
  • Use web services like desktop applications.
  • accesses "Control Panel" directly.
  • deactivates "Hot Corners".
  • Get new applications and games for free through pokki App Store.

Pokki store

With pokki Not only can you organize a more convenient way Windows 8 content, but also can get all kinds of free applications through pokki App Store. There are hundreds of programs waiting, from mail clients to games like Angry Birds. Installation is very simple.

Discharge pokki free and enjoy a Start menu and task bar renewed.