Download Elf Yourself (5.2.0) Android – Free

The dear Christmas period always comes along with a deployment of decorations and paraphernalia That Can not Be Compared to any other moment of the year. The classic nativity scenes and Christmas trees are now Accompanied by apps for mobile phones. Virtual Christmas cards, Christmas carols or Christmassy downloadable emoticons to be sent via WhatsApp and other messaging services.

Your favorite Christmas app

But, what are you missing to Give this collection of my staff your touch? Well, obviously a tool capable of turning you and your friends and family into dancing elves. Yes, my dear friends, Elf Yourself for Android, an app that you 'Because You Already Know've probably seen many more video than what you'd have liked.

Become one of Santa's elves.

, Although there are probably more iconic than Christmas elements are a bunch of dancing elves, Father Christmas: such as, the Three Wise Men or even Rudolph the Reindeer, we're very familiar With These little guys That Have starred in plenty of Christmas movies, so why not get dressed up as one to wish all our mates and relatives Happy Holidays.

How to use ElfYourself?

Well, it's really simple. Just download and install the APK on your smartphone or tablet and follow These easy steps:

  1. step 1: Launch the application and after reading the terms of the service (! Yeah, right) on tap Accept.
  2. step 2: Take a Photo with your camera, grab it from your Facebook profile, from your gallery or from pics Previously used (if you've used the app before).
  3. step 3: Adjust your face to the frame and zoom in or out to make your mouth adapt to the dotted line.
  4. Step 4: You've just made your first elf, but you can make more repeating the previous steps or go for a single greeting.
  5. STEP 5: Tap on the option to add a greeting to insert a message of up to 30 characters.
  6. Step 6: Select Save and return to the screen to create more elves from where you can choose the option Let's Dance.
  7. STEP 7: Once the video has finished you can download it to share on social networks: such as YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, or even send it by email.

That's how you can get hold of your video that you 'can download and save on your phone to send it by email or instant messaging app.

Your friends and relatives are definitely going to love watching you dance with your family, your baby boy and your dog.

but do not think the fun is over: Might you want to access the app every day Because there are daily updates with new dances, some of Which are free and others Have to be paid for. Seriously, your mates are asking for it and definitely deserve it, you Might get blocked, Although if you go too mad With this app.