Download XP Cursors (1.2) – Free

Are you bored of your Windows cursors? If you think the white arrow that accompanies your Windows, with its hourglass (or circle in the latest versions) have become obsolete, try this excellent pack of cursors. XP Cursors It is a small program that will add to your Windows a series of very striking cursors for your mouse note on the screen.

The green color of the cursor will help you easily find them on the screen, rather than on large screens or systems with multiple monitors may take several seconds. Once activated XP Cursors, the mouse will be much easier to locate.

To activate these icons, you need set style cursors in the menu to change mouse options. Once changed this in the control panel, we can visualize these stylized pointers that will make sure our much more entertaining desktop.

If you like icons and cursors modern, you certainly should install this great pack of cursors really worked and in which each of the possible icons mouse will take a new form.