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To download applications to your smartphone or tablet, Android users usually use official Google Play Store, because by default on our mobile I come installed, because it is more convenient and because we trust what we can offer Google.

But If you go from the Google Store or simply do not have installed on your phone (can occur if you use Cyanogenmod or you bought some Chinese mobile semidesconocido), you should know that there are other Android markets, as decent or better than the official developed in Mountain View.

And in those stores we can find all kinds of apps: which the court have not gone Google or are simply rejected because they go against some of its services, such as applications to download videos from YouTube, or even free versions of paid applications.

An alternative market Android up to Mobogenie.

And today, Aptoide It is the best all of them and stronger alternative to the Play Store. It includes millions of applications ready to be downloaded and installed by the user in APK format and allows developers to publicize their products by creating their own application store.

How does Aptoide? How do I install it on our Android? How to add repositories?

As expected, this application is not available on Google Play, but install it on your smartphone or tablet is as simple as us with your APK through its official website or the download link that we offer. Its operation is also very simple. Simply download the application to start getting off applications from this alternative store. It does not require records, but create a free account gives us some added benefits.

Easy to install and even easier to use.

Once we open the app we can begin to dive among its millions of applications, from classics like Google Play Pokémon Go, or Minecraft PE Geometry Dash, prohibited programs on the market Google as TubeMate or Lucky Patcher.

A simple tap on the Install button enough to take a few seconds the app you want on your smartphone. Yes, it has to activate the option allow installation from unknown sources to enjoy these applications.

That, as the official repository default application. But one of the most striking features of this tool is to get off other apps and games shops developed by users like you and me who are called repositories. To add a new one, just follow these steps.

  1. Step 1. Go to the tab Shops in the top bar of the interface.
  2. Step 2. Click on the button +.
  3. Step 3. Write the name of the repository to add or select from the list with the most popular shops.
  4. step 4. Continue pressing the button for direct access to published applications in the store.

There are hundreds of different repositories among which is noteworthy apps, milaupv, darkkiller or mark 8 latter being the place where users can download a free version of the popular mobile game Minecraft Pocket Edition which is usually a paid application.

key features

  • Million APKs to download directly to your phone.
  • Thousands of apps you will not find in any other market.
  • free applications on Google Play would pay.
  • Ability to search for themed shops.
  • Security Enhancements because of the ease of introducing viruses apps in this store.
  • integrated search engine easily find any application.
  • Discover outstanding apps, recommended by the publisher or the most popular of the moment.
  • Upgrade tab to see if you have the latest version of your apps.
  • Lite version Store promises to be the world's fastest applications.
  • Stores tab to add repositories created by third parties.

Aptoide vs Mobogenie and Blackmart. Which is better?

Obviously this tool It is not unique in its kind. There are several applications that work there as an alternative to Google Play Store to offer millions of free apps we can not find at the official store of Google or, to find them, we would play pay to use them.

One of the most popular is undoubtedly Mobogenie, an even more comprehensive application very similar to which we bring our hands, but if it fits. We say this because not only allows us to download and install apps and games on your Android device, but also have access to a lot of MP3 songs, e-books and, most importantly, lets us download videos from YouTube from the same application.

As for Blackmart or Blackmarket, perhaps a rather less known than the previous two, but no worse alternative. In fact their most loyal users defend saying the number of applications available is greater than other options and does not require repositories (downloading applications is centralized in a single store), but on the other hand may have some instability, because currently only available in an alpha version.

Seeing all these features, it becomes clear that this APK have installed on your Android device is almost an obligation. And if we have an iPhone? Well unfortunately Aptoide iOS still it does not exist, or it seems to exist. Users of smartphones brand apple do not know what they're missing.

What's new in the latest version

  • No he posted the changelog.