Download Eyeball Chat (3.2) – Free

Do you use a client instant messaging but do not like how it works webcam? Move to eyeball Chat and enjoy connect to major IM networks, in addition to that of eyeball Chat, that is totally focused on use webcam for communicating.

In addition to its own network program, eyeball Chat It allows us to connect to the Live Messenger / MSN, Yahoo !, AIM and Google Talk, so in one program you can have all your contacts organized.

GUI eyeball Chat It's really simple, you always have what you need and although it is quite dark, usability is beyond doubt. It includes an address book, phone numbers and other contact information, Share files simply by dragging and dropping,... dozens of options that make this client one of the most complete.

It also allows multiple videoconferences, that is to say, send and receive video and audio multiple users simultaneously, and is compatible with standard SIP, XMPP, STUN, TURN, and ICE communication, which ensures you keep running long.