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If we ask for a program retouching and photo editing possibly our automatic answer is Photoshop. It's normal, it is one of the best programs in these matters and a reference in those working with photography.

But possibly the best programs but has a drawback for many users as individuals or schools, to name just a few examples: it is paid. So if you are in the case of not having a tight budget and you need a alternative program able to offer high performance to edit and retouch, always will be GIMP.

The best free alternative to Photoshop

Its name is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program, and what exactly is a image editing software capable of working with both drawings and photographs. Also part of the GNU project, so download it and use it for free.

Its origins date back to 1995, when he was born at the University of Berkeley result of an exercise of students. Currently it has a large community of users, which is in charge of development and periodic implementation of new features and improvements.

The best free resource for image processing.

Key Features and functions

  • Free image editor with professional features.
  • Work with layers and independent channels.
  • It includes graphical controls library GTK +.
  • Compatible with most popular formats: JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, PSD, TGA, BMP, XWD, XPM, PIX, CEL, MNG, PPM and PCX.
  • easy to use interface and adjustable to user needs by floating windows that you can move freely.
  • Batch processes images.
  • Increases the options using plug-ins.
  • Support for using macros and commands.

Features like the ability to extend functionality through extensions or actions automation using macros makes this one of the best software you can download to work with your images.

Professional results.

Its success has led to versions on various platforms other than Windows, as exist for Mac and Linux, they are released along with a portable version that allows use without installation (Eg from a USB flash drive).

Translated into several languages, including Spanish, it is considered as one of the best image editing apps that can be downloaded for free, beating as viewed by many users the functions and features of payment developments.

Of course, keep in mind that these programs are not usually the easiest to handle so if you had a problem with that, you'll find dozens of tutorials on the web that will explain different tricks and techniques to work with him.

Reducing the size of a photo


Reducing the size of a photo