Download New Super Mario Forever 2015 (1.0) for PC – Free

If you're a fan of classic Mario games, originally released by Nintendo, you can not miss the opportunity to try New Super Mario Forever 2015, the sequel of the famous Super Mario 3: Mario Forever, in which you'll never live new adventures next to the world's most famous video game plumber.

Mario always, but much more modern.

As you may have guessed, this is a platform game in which you go over different worlds, overcoming all kinds of obstacles and enemies, descending through pipes and collecting coins with a single goal: rescue Princess Peach without dying in the attempt.

What I will be in New Super Mario Forever 2015?

  • Platformer with stunning new graphics.
  • Scroll to 8 different worlds.
  • Infinite number of levels that take place in Water scenarios, lava flows or desert landscapes.
  • Avoid all obstacles on your way to the princess Peach.
  • Classic elements such coins, pipes and mushrooms.