Download Winamp Lite (5,666) – Free

Winamp Lite It is one of the most valued audio players in the history of computer science and you should not try to stop. When the MP3 files They could not even play outside PCs, Winamp was already a quality software.

With several years behind the quality treasures Winamp Lite It is more than high. With an interface somewhat outdated but very simple and fully optimized to be functional, Winamp Lite It includes all that any user may need when play music or videos. Support for dozens of formats, playlists, a complete equalizer and possibility to play CDs.

Winamp Lite not intended to be the most complete music player and with more features (hence it is called Lite) but it aims play with the best quality audio, offer a good selection of plugins and skins (very popular in Winamp) and improve day to day operation.

Further, Winamp Lite It supports content streaming and you may get a lot of addons that will make it your favorite player.