Download Google Talk ( – Free

Google has developed applications in all fields. After starting his career with great success: the famous search engine that brought fame to the brand, it has been expanding market. And, today, offers users a collection of utilities high quality as your mail service Gmail, Google Video, Google Maps, AdSense, Google Calendar ... And how could it be otherwise, Google also it offers its own instant messaging client.

The messaging client Google

Google Talk is the program of instant messaging and VoIP Google. uses a free protocol, known as Jabber, which it is based on the XML standard. To start using it you just create an account free Gmail email. As usual, to enter the application you must use the username and password you have chosen in creating your account.

Conversa from the desktop or from the web.

After installing the application, you can have conversations with your contacts from the application or from the same page of mail, videoconferencing, send messages to users offline, save chat history on your email account, customize your avatar and chat window, make voice calls, etc.