Download Police Radio (13.10) Android – Free

Police Radio is an application that we can hear on Android many used by police to communicate. Best of all is that it is live. Of course it is so on-line, that is, we not use or FM or AM (because it would simply be impossible), so we must have at least data or Wi-Fi.

The application works, but not always work all frequencies.

Honestly I was surprised when I first used this application because I thought it would not work or that otherwise would be the typical application that tries to introduce advertising or malware. After trying it I can say no, really this application goes well: We can hear the Police Radio national, federal or we want.

Yes, not all frequencies are always active, and sometimes simply nothing happens. At first no signal was heard, but I had to go over to another busy to check it frequently. In Spain, for example, there is only one and there is very little activity.

Listen to police radio

In this app to listen Police Radio we have several ways to search for stations, but all of them are very simple. There are almost one for each of the cities / countries we can imagine. These are the two methods we have to find frequencies:

  • Search cities.
  • Search most popular.

We also have a tab where we can see that we have selected as favorite (Having previously marked we must, of course). From there we can remove already have or hear them.

The application is fine, and that We can even continue listening to the radio in the background. If we enter another any we can continue listening without problem (unless we get into any application audio focus, as YouTube).