Download SpeedBit Video Accelerator ( – Free

When playing a video on the Internet there is nothing to make us lose patience like it stops every few.

This usually happens because you fill buffers media player associated with your web browser, and must take a few seconds that can be eternal for playback to take its normal course.

SpeedBit Video Accelerator Automatically speeds playback videos online, allowing visualize without those annoying stoppages.

Free version features normal acceleration to play without problems YouTube videos and 150 similar websites playback video on demand.

Also available high quality video acceleration, to see extensive videos with a bitrate up 200 kbps.

Its operation is simple. Simply install and integrates with our web browsers being activated each time a video play.

The program installs a icon in the system tray, where we can set it up and we are told when it is at full capacity.

A solution to forget the annoying interruptions in Internet videos.