Download PokeVision (1.0) Android – Free

The success of Pokémon Go triggered fever hunt these creatures in an environment of augmented reality. Millions of people have taken to the streets to play this game and why radars have appeared like mushrooms Pokémon. One is PokéVision, you avoid walking aimlessly when you go hunting for them.

Is the best radar for Pokémon Go?

Well I do not know but it is clear that this app for Android is a great help in the game. Overprinted shown on a map in real time all the creatures in the game we have around. So if you want better not go blindly download the APK.

Many tricks for Pokémon Go there ... more radars, which is no small feat.

key features

  • Scans the area near your location.
  • Find different places through the search bar.
  • Scans every 10 seconds around your environment.
  • Distinguishes the different elements of the game by their icons.
  • Indicator time you have left to catch him.